Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Hi! this is a sketch made by an artist when I visited one of the many Malls in B'lore.
Just for Laughs

Friday, 24 February 2006

Premila's making an appearance finally!

Teddy, Philip, George, Nathan, Sunu, Lambert, Hema, Linda, Jaya and all those who remember me..here's my mug shot at last. this was taken at New Years. Will send you more of the family later. Love to all of you from the Mirandas in Canada. My Mum, Danny, Reuben and Helen are here as well. Pete, didn't include you as you have the pleasure of seeing the real thing.
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Thursday, 23 February 2006

Stanes Coonoor

Boys Bible Class, Union Church, Coonoor

Front Row, L to R: Leon Riley, Shager Kanniah, Richard Scully, eldest Oomen bro., Ninan Zachariah, middle Oomen bro., youngest Oomen bro., -?-, Chacko Kurian.
Second Row, L to R: David Varden, Glen Fernell, Richard Greene, Jacob Mani, Mr. Richard Strom (instructor and school bursar), Denzel Fernell, Thomas Trencher, George Kurian, -?-, Peter Greene, Kumar Kanniah, -?-, Gerald John, George Eapen, -?-, -?-, -?-, -?-, George Webster.

Peter (1967)

The David House
Bangalore meet

The Groves House
Bangalore meet

The Feb 11 B'lore meet
Bangalore meet

R K & Devan - big bosses -
Bangalore meet

Ties and Pins -sell out-
Bangalore meet

The Fritchley House
Bangalore meet

True to their colours Stanes House
Bangalore meet

Sunday, 12 February 2006

Hello XStanites

A big hello to all of you. Have tried to create a blog on behalf of all of us hoping that it will catch on. The email route has served us well until now, yet the buzzword seems to be blogging, so why not give it a try.
The Bangalore chapter met on 11.02.06 , boisterous as we once were on the field. The general mood indicated that a foundation has been laid , and it seems as if on firm ground, so lets carry it forward.More on this once and if blogging catches on.
Teddy Mani (1969)

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