Sunday, 1 April 2012

April 2012

Another year . We have had a fairly good run the last couple of months, we miss most bloggers, some bloggers missing in Cyberspace, some in the Tundra, some in Sunny California and some Down Under..but many only being silent visitors, looks like time and age is giving our bloggers some blues and goose pimples... As usual Peter from the Western Hemisphere hits blogsphere the first and sends out his grim warning asking all bloggers to blog in..

PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS FOR April 2012 HERE. Pictures are available for viewing at , Catch up with stories and memoirs on , that site is waiting for your attention too!! Bring out the poet in you at

Stanes as a group is available on facebook!/group.php?gid=2214025179

The updated web site of our school is available at

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