Saturday, 2 April 2016

April 2016 Posts

Another year . We have had a fairly poor run the last month with 8 comments , we miss most bloggers, thanks ye faithful men who have kept the flow, ...We in Bangalore are faced with a harsh summer, Coonoor also faces yet another harsh summer and awaits the influx of tourists to trample all over .

Chennai started with a extremely successful Alumni Meet, thanks George, Immanual and all the faithful Stanites who contributed their mite to get the meet going, we also acknowledge the spirit of alumni who joined from overseas and outside Chennai to be a part of the bash. Do the Mumbaikars and Puneris hear this. Are u taking the next turn of someone plans to beat you... are u all listening.

A WhatsApp initiative to help refresh the furniture in the school had gained momentum but with the poor response in terms of approved models and vendors and numbers required by the school, there seems to be a lull. We hope the storm of support will flood the school this month once the Princi is free from his other commitments.

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May 2018 Posts

May Day May day, the blog seems to be abandoned is the call this year,  are our regular Bloggers are listening. We have had on...